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iTreat - the Hospital based Treatment and Antibiotics App

"Everything a doctor needs on the ward to diagnose, manage and treat infections, diseases and illness....."


Our App is being trialled as part of a clinical study investigating the effect of a United Lincolnshire Hospitals (ULH) NHS Trust associated app on the work of junior doctors at point of care on the hospital wards.


We have taken ULH NHS Trust Antibiotic Formulary and Treatment Guidelines, and made them accessible in a convenient intuitive format; as iTreat, the iPhone App. We also utilise an RSS feed, so the postgraduate department can message trainees in real time with educational updates. Our Extension Number Phonebook allows doctors to input commonly used hospital extension numbers and keep them handy.


The aim of our project is to streamline how doctors access validated sources of disease treatment guidelines. Thus increasing time to work, and improving patient care and safety.


We believe this is the next step in integrating portable IT at an NHS Trust level. Our data will provide the scientific evidence to justify further investments by the NHS within this field, and our app, iTreat, will help many doctors improve their level of patient care.


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