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medCrowd - solving healthcare's problems

medCrowd is my favourite app because it is the best app for solving healthcare's problems.


People working in healthcare just share a problem to get help finding the best solution. They can use medCrowd to identify the best treatment for complex patients, understand differential diagnoses and to find better information about conditions.


By using medCrowd, a healthcare professional can simply share a problem on their mobile to get the solution they need for their patient. Other medCrowd members give an opinion and vote on others to help find the best one. Once the solution has been found the problem can be marked as solved.


Only the first version of the iPhone app has been released, so there is still lots of work to do to build apps for other platform and to to improve this one. However, we know that this idea will improve patient care by enabling people who work in healthcare to solve healthcare's problems more simply and much faster.


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Medical Director, medCrowd


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