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Your favourite existing health app

NHS Coventry Get the Right Treatment app

In 2010, NHS Coventry launched a smartphone app which supported the Get the Right Treatment campaign. The app uses data from NHS Choices to give the user the locations of their nearest GP, pharmacy and Walk-in Centre from their current position.

An update was launched earlier this year which included information and directions to the various sexual health services in the city.

As of June 2011, the app had been downloaded... more »


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Your favourite existing health app

MicroGuide app

Our favourite app is the popular MicroGuide app, which helps clinicians treat patients with infections.

It's designed to provide practical decision-making support for medical staff at the point of care when treating patients with infection. It's particularly helpful for doctors in situations that are not in their immediate area of expertise.

You can quickly establish each patient’s risk of infection caused by antibiotic-resistant... more »


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Your favourite existing health app

My Headache Log (Android App)

My Headache Log is an Android mobile app that helps you to build up a history of your headaches and analyse them on your phone using charts & graphs and reports. It also allows you to email your headache log to your doctor/neurologist.

For each headache you can track the following:
+ Headache type.
+ Headache start and end times.
+ The severity of the headache.
+ Your location (at home, work, etc).
+ Triggers of each... more »


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