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Your favourite existing health app

Rally Round

Rally Round helps carers seek and co-ordinate practical help from family and friends - fetching the shopping, cutting the grass, mending the dripping tap etc. It can also help reduce loneliness "Can someone please pop in Thurs after 2pm to see John, as he's been on his own for 2 days".

Rally Round is at and a video tour is at

The 'state of play' for each person being helped... more »


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Your favourite existing health app

Osteoporosis and fracture risk calculator

The National Osteoporosis Society supports apps which make it easier for the general public to find out if they are at risk of breaking a bone. If the app helps them to find that they are at risk, we welcome functions which could help patients communicate this information to their GP.

A number of factors can put people at risk of osteoporosis and broken bones: these include their genetic profile, age, gender, ethnic... more »


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