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Your favourite existing health app

iThinkSmarter Cognitive Behavioural Therapy Treatment app

I have used this CBT app, it was recommended by my local GP. I used it to tackle my anxiety and worry that i have had for many years. I have had counselling and therapy before but this app made perfect sense to me, was easy to follow and wasnt patronising or full of psycho babble.

I cannot recommend it enough, since using it three o my friends have also downloaded it and only wish it was on prescription.


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Your favourite existing health app

iTreat - the Hospital based Treatment and Antibiotics App

"Everything a doctor needs on the ward to diagnose, manage and treat infections, diseases and illness....."

Our App is being trialled as part of a clinical study investigating the effect of a United Lincolnshire Hospitals (ULH) NHS Trust associated app on the work of junior doctors at point of care on the hospital wards.

We have taken ULH NHS Trust Antibiotic Formulary and Treatment Guidelines, and made them accessible... more »


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